• sukhobok

Nostromo by Joseph Conrad

If I had to choose a book that had the best chance to become a blockbuster hit, it would be Nostromo. Highly entertaining and filled with memorable characters, the plot takes place in a fictional South American country called Costaguana. There is no doubt that Joseph Conrad is a master storyteller with a prolific vocabulary (I had a difficult time putting the book down at times), but the novel, like so many blockbuster films, came off as a bit two dimensional. The characters, while memorable, seemed a bit flat and caricaturistic. For example, they seemed to have little free will of their own and seemed to be largely driven by their predetermined destinies.

In short, I would encourage others to read Nostromo, if they are looking for a fun, action-packed adventure novel. In that sense, I can think of none better. However, is it on the same level as many of the other classics that explore the depth of human consciousness? Joseph Conrad's other seminal novel, The Heart of Darkness, I believe comes much closer to doing so.